Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo editing tutorial with Photo Pos Pro

I downloaded a free photo editor called Photo Pos Pro and it is fantastic! It doesn't have quite as many tools as photo shop or some other more advanced editor but it is really great for touching up a basic photo. Anyways, I am just going to post a little tutorial on how to edit with photo pos pro. (and I'm sure some of these tricks apply to photo shop, too)

Here is the original picture that I started with:
Good picture, but kinda grainy
  1. I used Noise Reduction twice on the picture to despeckle and make it look smoother and less grainy.
  2. Increased Brightness and contrast to desired amounts. (10 brightness and 5 contrast if you're curious)
  3. go to RGB and change color levels (R -2, G 5, B 5)
  4. Go to HSL and change Saturation and Luminosity ( S 5, L 3)
  5. Crop, if desired. 
  6. Use clone brush to cover up any unwanted places.
And here is the image with basic edits applied:
But I decided I liked it better without the under-eyes smoothed over, so I undid that:
Much Cuter, I think.

Now, I decided I wanted to make it look a little vintage-y so here's what I did:
  1. Go to Brightness/ contrast and turn the contrast up pretty high (I did 28)
  2. Then go to Effects - Colors - Fade to Gray
  3. Turn saturation down (-33)
  4. Go to Effects- Colors- Sepia - Advanced
  5. Adjust Tint, Level, and contrast until desired look is achieved (T 21, L 40, C 21)
  6. Lower Opacity until Desired amount of color shows through (I did about half)
Here is the picture with these edits applied:

Which do you like better?

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