Friday, March 22, 2013

What I'm wearing: March 22, 2013

Hey all! I thought that I would do a few kind-sorta fashion blog posts with some of my outfits that I really love. Here's what I'm wearing today:

Black circle scarf: Boyfriend's mom. Military jacket: Goodwill. Denim Shorts: Goodwill. Black Pantyhose: Fredmeyer. Black boots: target.

Obviously, I don't shop designer shops. I simply don't have the money. But I wanted to inspire some outfit ideas that don't cost a ton of money! The shoes were probably the most expensive part of this outfit.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upcycling project: Onesie to T-shirt

I have always been really into upcycling things and finding new uses for items that are not used anymore for their original purpose. Especially clothes. Clothes can be made into so many different things! Blankets, home accessories or other clothes! Today, I've made clothes into... Other clothes. I took one of my daughter's outgrown onesies and turned it into a cute t-shirt for her to wear. In a few simple steps! You don't even have to hem it! And here I am to show you how to make your own onesies into t-shirts. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the last step or of the finished product. But hopefully, you get the point! If not, I can add the last pictures on.

Step 1: Choose a onesie that you would like to transform and lay it out flat.

Step 2: Cut the strip of snaps off the front of the onesie.

Step 3: There should be two strips of binding hanging down. Cut a rectangle out of the front of the onesie large enough to allow the two sides of binding to reach together with some allowance for a seam.

(They are not quite touching here, so I went back and cut a bigger piece of fabric out.)

Step 4: Sew the binding together

Step 5: Sew the binding to the fabric. (if there is a little fabric hanging past the binding, like there is here, you can cut it off)

Step 6:  cut the snaps off the back of the onesie.

Step 7: Cut a rectangle out, leaving the strips of binding behind. 

Step 8: Just like on the front, sew the strips of binding together.  Then, sew the binding to the onesie.

Hooray! You have a completed t-shirt!