Friday, June 22, 2012

Tackling those pins

Recently, I joined Pinterest and it has become a bit of an obsession for me. Currently, I have around 35 recipes pinned that I want to try and have tried none of them. So, Let's change that! I am going to try and make every one of these recipes eventually. Here is my list of recipes that I have pinned. I will post every time I try one of the recipes with a review, pictures, and an updated list!

  1. Jalapeno poppers with bacon and cream cheese in a crescent roll
  2. Healthy Baked French Fries
  3. Tie Dye cake
  4. Buffalo chicken rolls
  5. Vanilla bean cheesecake with chocolate crust and salted caramel topping (OH, YUM)
  6. Make ahead breakfast burritos
  7. Loaded potato and buffalo chicken casserole
  8. Garlic Parmesan pull apart bread
  9. Crock-pot apple sauce
  10. Homemade pizza pockets
  11. baked mozzarella sticks
  12. Shrimp, pesto, and goat cheese pizza
  13. Frosted soft sugar cookies
  14. Soft pretzel bites
  15. Buffalo chicken pasta salad
  16. Baked apples with oatmeal streusel topping
  17. Baked breaded mushroom caps
  18. crescent rolls with spinach and feta
  19. zucchini fritters
  20. S'more filled chocolate chip cookie
  21. crockpot mac and cheese
  22. baked pumpkin spice donuts
  23. cookies and cream filled chocolate cake
  24. bacon wrapped smokies
  25. Baked lemon butter shrimp
  26. mac and cheese casserole
  27. Chocolate chip oreo brownie cookie bar
  28. loaded potato rounds
  29. snowmen cupcakes
  30. nutella cookies
  31. Warm roasted potato salad
  32. mango lemonade
  33. waffle iron hashbrowns
  34. iced coffee concentrate
  35. baked strawberry donuts
  36. baked donuts
  37. pretzel chocolate chip cookies
  38. stuffed pizza
  39. mini meatloafs
  40. pineapple banana pops
  41. wonton tacos
  42. cinnamon chile roasted sweet potatoes
  43. shrimp and bell pepper quesadillas 

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