Thursday, January 26, 2012

Project To Do list and Sofi update!

Here is a list of the projects that I want to do throughout this next year. Not all of them are crafts, but the majority are.

  • Finish Sofi's Onezie quilt. (By 9/10/12)
  • Finish Great-Grandma's quilt project. It's a really nice on-point nine-patch quilt that she put together as a quilting kit for my sister and I ended up taking it over. Will post pictures later!
  • Set up sewing room. (ASAP once I get back home)
  • Mend blue Easter dress.
  • Mend Matt's orange shirt.
  • Make Camille's elephant.
  • Make Sofi some skirts. (She has a bunch of really cute tights that she hasn't gotten a chance to wear yet!)
  • Do something with old clothes (I am really wanting to re-purpose my old clothes into something. aybe some new clothes!)
On a completely different Subject, look who's started eating!

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